Save the Date - Divisible by Five

Apr 12, 2010
Calgary, AB
Who: friends & family
What: it's the divisible by five party!
When: July 9 - so we can party for Stampede too!
Where: Peter & Tanis have offered up Xanadu - directions will be sent at a later date
Why: every reason that is divisible by five! Bruce & Tanis turning 50, Peter turning 45, Marc & Philly turning 40, Peter & Tanis celebrating their togetherness for 25 years, the RMLCA being in existence for 20 years, Bruce & Philly celebrating 5 years of marriage, Emmett turning 5 and many other things that we haven't thought of yet.

Lots of good food and entertainment - details to follow.

Updates will be posted as we finalize details on the RMLCA section. See link below.

Save the Date - Divisible by Five
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