Saturday Trail Clean-Up

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Apr 6, 2006
Statham, GA
I just wanted to see if the clean-up for Ralphs place is a go. If so, my daughter and I will be there again. Also, I wanted to see if any others would be bring their kids? The reason I ask is that I am going to bring some eggs to hide for my daughter, and any other kids that want to join in. The weather looks like it will be OK, maybe a little overcast.

Yes it's a GO!
Some of us will be camping there Friday night and maybe Saturday night too.
Isabelle(4 going on 15) will be thare...
SWEET! Is there any more room for another set of campers? If not, don't be shy, just tell me to go:flipoff2:
I can take it.:doh:

Its a big place. Should be plenty of room for extra campers. I think there will only be a couple of us...

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