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...One Landcruiser at a time
Sep 21, 2005
So. California
Sorry for the short notice, my son and I decided today that we'd take a run up to Gorman and play around up there for the day tomorrow. He's invited a friend to go along that wants to learn how to drive off-road, so it will be a relatively light day I think.

If anybody's interested in going up and getting it dirty for a day run, come on up!

We're going to stop by the Del Amo Motorsports sale along the way when it opens at 8:00 AM and then head up straight from there at about 9:00.

I-5 North past Pyramid Lake, exit Smokey Bear Rd, go left under the overpass to the stop sign, take a left then a quick hard right to the dirt road into the lower end of Gorman.

We'll spend a little time on the practice bumps, then go do some trails in the area. We'd love to have some company and meet some new folks. We'll be up there at about 10:30 or so. It's going to be great weather I hope.

I'll be on CB14 and Ham 146.520 simplex. We'll be in a white '95 80 and a white '94 Mini-truck. I'll check back in in the morning to see if I should expect to see others. Hope somebody can make it.


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