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SOLD SOLD SOLD I bought this truck a few months back intending to use it as a replacement for my piggy. Although my piggy is a bit top heavy and I am paranoid in off camber situations since flopping it on its side I can't bring myself to part with her, sooooooo this one is on the block.

This 89 4Runner is well built, very solid and a steal for the money. I truly believed that when I bought it and feel even more so about it right now. This is literally a turn key wheeling vehicle that is fine on the road, too. The previous owner spent a lot of money and bought a lot of "right" parts for it. I wheeled with Jason at Paragon years ago when the 4Runner was basically stock, and can tell you that the last efw years the truck has been impressive in its visits to Rausch for the Coal Mine events. I've addressed the minor issues that the truck came to me with. i think there is 188K on the clock.

The 4Runner starts right up every time. It is the V6 engine and runs smooth with lots of power. Jason told me the engine was rebuilt by a Toyota tech years ago. It has not needed any oil added in the months I have owned it. The check engine light never comes on. Exhaust system is quiet and as far as I know in good shape. The brakes are excellent- full pedal, very good stopping power and no pull to either side. Stock brakes, disc front drum rear. The parking brake works but there is a kink in the cable inside the cab where it goes through the firewall- the brake light stays on most of the time because of this.

Body is pretty good, a little rust here and there but nothing to bother about. The front of the hood was rusty and its paint faded and I replaced it with a rust free white hood. The hinge on the gas filler door was broken I replaced it with a door from the same white donor truck. Truck is dark gray with a black removable top and gray interior. No leaks into the interior anywhere. The windshield was replaced and the guy didn't do a neat job- silicone is evident around the WS but it does not leak. I replaced the driver door window regulator with a new one and all windowes work fine. I replaced the tracks in the tailgate window and it now goes up and down straight and strong. Doors and ignition locks work fine all with the same key.

Interior is in pretty good shape. No back seat, and it has the vinyl flooring instead of carpet. Front seats are very comfortable gray buckets from a 95 4Runner and are pretty clean. Has the full instrumentation dash and all gauges work. Has intermittent wipers with new Toyota blades and all lights and accessories work- good heater and defrost, too. Never tried the AC. Has a decent stereo CD player. Dash and door panels are in good shape. I have the console lid being recovered in gray leather and that will be included with the truck. Needs a passenger side armrest. The horn does not work the PO disconnected it. Has a removable (key and lock) Grant steering wheel. I don't like it but never got around to putting a stock wheel in there. Looks good but it ain't exactly my cup of tea. Has a neat expensive cup holder on the glove box door. Cargo area is huge and in good shape. Has a snorkel and a winch saver.

Meat and potatoes ......Mike Fox did a complete Trail Gear 5" SAS converion using their premium kit fornt and rear. This truck articulates very well but is quite comfotable and good feeling on the highway. I think it has a TG high steer kit, too. Steering works and feels excellent. Has the good silver shocks (forget the brand) with separate reservoirs. Mike also installed the Marlin dual transfer case for the PO. I can't tell you the ratios but in low low it is quite a bit slower than my piggie with the 2.28 geared doubler. Mike also installed a complete Marlin clutch kit when he put the doubler setup in. Clutch is strong and smooth. Axles have third members purchased new from Inchworm- 5.29 gears, new bearings, new gears, and Toyota e lockers, all controlled through Toyota wiring harnesses. Lockers work great from console mounted switches. The lockers also have InchWorm protection- expensive but very well made. The driveshafts are perfect- both have a double cardan joint at the transfer end and there is no vibration at all from the drivetrain. These were very expensive, cost more than a grand for both. Front axle has full set of longfields and Aisin hubs. I am unsure whether the rear axles have been upgraded need to check the receipts. Suffice to say the drivetrain works flawlessly.

No leaks under the truck other than what I think is a minor leak from the PS pump. I did replace the PS box as it was leaking badly. No leak from the box now. But there are no leaks from either diff, the transmission, or transfer case. No coolant leaks, either. The truck runs cool and quiet.

Wheels are Allied beadlocks 10 x 15" with BFG Mud terrains 35 x 12.50's. Spare is brand new and never been on the ground. Wheel rims are a bit scratched and minor scarred. The tire that was on the pass rear has some slight scarring due to hitting the flare and wheelwell. That interference point has been eliminated. The truck had a bad settling in issue with the back springs- I replaced them two weeks ago with brand new TG 5" springs and the truck sits and articulates great now.

Mike Fox also built the sliders and rear bumper with swing out tire carrier. The tire carrier works flawlessly, and the bumper and sliders look great. Yes it has protection for the lower rear quarters. Underneath there is a very substantial skid plate under the transmission and transfer, forget the brand but it looks expensive! ARB bumper up front with a brand new never used Warn winch. I tried the winch and it works. Has Hella lights up front I never tried them though. Has onboard air, too, uses an old fire extinguiser (chrome) tank mounted underneath as a reservoir. The compressor is also controlled by a console mounted switch. The truck has a full black soft top, too, I forget the brand.

I'm sure I am forgetting something here but that's what comes to mind right now. Body is pretty good, has a small dent in the passneger door and a small dent in the driver rear quarter. Some rust at the bottom of one of the front fenders and some scratching in the paint. Jason owned this truck a long time and I believe he told me it has the original paint for the most part. The lower portion of the truck has been painted black. The frame is rust free. The high lift jack DOES NOT go with the truck. What else.... I added a working license plate light. Truck is inspected, licensed and insured in PA. Located about 35 minutes from Rausch. Price is $7600 SOLD SOLD SOLD non-negotiable, this is a great buy on a turn key wheeling vehicle that can be driven to and from whatever venue you wheel in. Check out the photos and contact me if interested, I am looking for someone who has the money to buy the truck and can appreciate it for as well built and capable as it is. I have a large sheath of receipts for work and parts, it's interesting to look through. Also have two complete sets of keys- truck, steering wheel, and high lift lock.

I'm hard to reach, to be sure. I am working seven days a week lately and at least ten hours a day. Best way to reach me is email- send inquiries to me both at home and at work Work phone number (I'm off today) is 610-208-3792. I will provide my home phone number to anyone whom I consider to be a serious buyer. My cell phone (don't always carry it, though) is 570-594-6444. I believe this truck will sell quickly and be a great truck for whoever buys it from me. Lastly I would possibly consider trades but it would have to be something that would be very favorable to me- I want to thin out my collection not particularly add to it. Thanks, Gary S
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