San Francisco Camping areas

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Jan 26, 2004
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I'm looking to do a family trip to San Francisco in mid October and I was hoping to find some campgrounds in the area. I've looked into the Golden Gate Park, and that seems cool. I would like to be able to be close to the city for our visit purpose. Preferably somewhere that I would be able to access public transportation easily. Public or private campgrounds, doesn't matter to us. We will be in a tent, have our own "facilities" if necessary, and are mostly looking for a place to crash in the evenings. Even a back yard would work.

Any ideas?

Yee... that is like going to Chicago and camping... or New York and camping.
That is like visiting the Ben and Jerry's factory, and asking for a hot dog.
or visiting the Makers Mark distillery and asking for a Budweiser.

Not only do I not know, but I don't recommend it. Pony up for hotel and enjoy yourself.
and don't camp in SF park unless you want to buy drugs, get mugged or get _____.

However, I could be wrong. You could check into areas outside SF. I would recommend Pt Reyes or something like that.
or Samuel P Taylor park... North Bay.
pm Mr. Manny on this board. If it is out there he,ll know. I'll second Samuel Taylor.
Check the state parks system. I think there is also some spots on MT. Tamalpias, MT., Diablo amongst others. Santa Cruz/Capitola has some as well.
Check out Tom Stienstra is an outdoor writer for sfgate (website for the SF Chronicle newspaper) and I recently saw an article on Bay Area camping spots he wrote. You should be able to search that website for the info. There are many spots around the Bay Area, but not too many near the city of SF. They fill up fast, and most require reservations. Still, you may find something that works for you. Good luck!
Sorry for an outsider piping in but isn't there a camping area at the north end of the G Gate I think it is called Kirby park. I did camp there as a boyscout. Old bunkers and all. It might not be open for overnite camping any longer though. Just my .02 cents...

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