Saltwater fishing rod/reel rec

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Dec 2, 2004
Getting back into offshore saltwater fishing. I need to start over as my old stuff is corroded junk. Looking at the moment for lower-end spinnng reel and rod (conventional reel at a later date once c19 shortages work themselves out). Looking for bonito/yellow fin and upcoming dorado season (dolphing for east coasters) rig. Fishing Santa Monica Bay, Dana Point/SoCal, frontside Catalina. Freaking everything is short supply around here.
i like my penn battle in a 6000 size, good amount of line capacity for mono between 20-30 lb more if you use braid. its a good size for surf and off a boat not so big that it weighs too much and not so small that your limited on line capacity. ive had it a number of years and its held up really well and theres good product support if you need parts.

you should be able to buy a combo deal and get a penn rod with the real for around 120-140 or just get an ugly stick
I only surfcast and I use a Zebco pole with bailless penn reel. As stated above, ugly stick is a real good choice. I Love penn reels though.
Have a Penn 700 that I made bailless and a Penn 704. Use Fenwick surf rods with them. Medium homemade graphite spinning rod with Ecooda ERS3000, and ultralite homemade graphite spinning rod with Penn 716Z for Pompano! Penn 700 and 704 are circa '70s. Too bad they're not made like that anymore.
Been 20 years since I left SoCal. My favorite was a Penn Squidder or JigMaster, with Newell enhancements. The Newell reels were just being accepted (Met Carl at Glendale Mall one time). I fished albacore, bonito, small yellowfin and Mahi Mahi offshore and in Baja. Worked whether fly-lining anchovies and small mackerel or live squid and for throwing jigs. I used Sabre rods (Are they still around?). Also worked great for throwing Scampi for calico bass. I had a couple of Daiwa spinning reels and long rods for surf and pier fishing.

FWIW: My mom caught a 32 lb (after a hammerhead got 1/2) white seabass on a home-made rod and Century/Centaur (?) spinning reel and my dad caught a small bluefin on an identical rig! I grew up fishing for bonito and barracuda on those rigs with a max of 20lb test.
Unless you have to have the GOLD:grinpimp: I can’t recommend the Penn Conflict line enough. I have a 4000 for surf fishing, and a 8000 for offshore.

For your conventional reel(s) look at AVET! I recommend buying from Charkbait.


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