Parting Out Salt Lake City UT, 99 Lexus LX470 Pearl White & Grey Complete Part Out

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Hi, did you happen to sell the top liftgate on either of these? I just purchased a 05lx470 that is in very good shape except the rear liftgate has some rust starting. I guess I should ask first if you know if the 99 liftgate will fit an 05?
Needing a decent passenger side fog light assembly if you have one. Looking for one that doesn't have any moisture in it.

Looking for a couple small cosmetic items… courtesy light on the inside of the drivers door (need housing and lens) and the plastic covers for the front passenger seat mounts (rear two covers only). PM me if that is clear as mud.
is this a factory Nav version? if not I am looking for the stereo brackets and the the 4 factory wiring harness plugs and 12" of pigtail wires for said plugs. that plug into the back of the center dash consul.
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