SafetyDang's Slow Tacoma Build

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Great write up!
Where did you source the Scion seats?
I need to replace mine from 213K miles of driving!
Yea I know of the FROR twins and that's what I'm going with. But I was just wondering bc marlin never has it in stock. The FROR look great tho.

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I bent my twin sticks to far to the passenger side and it interfiers with the seat. Although no one is that short to move the seat that far up, for me its peace of mind.

Great write up!
Where did you source the Scion seats?
I need to replace mine from 213K miles of driving!

Craigslist from a local Scion shop. If I did it again just cut the feet and weld them on Scion TC or XB or XC any really. The rail swap was a pain in the ass but was a great learning experience.
Snorkie said:
Do you happen to have a link to your shock relocation? I searched and searched but didn't find it.


Might as well Update this...

John and I both used the same set up and both of ours broke. Its obvious why but we never read anyone having any problems so we both did it.

Here is the new shock relocation. I can stuff 12" SB shocks in there and John used 10". The bottom mount is where you can gain 1-2" of room for the shock if you are willing to give up clearance. I had to cut my original lower mounts off because it was to low. I think I was about a centimeter higher on the lower mount than stock. The upper mount is laid back but 2 cm lower than the bed for the resi hose. Pretty much put triangle gussets where I could. I believe those who used a square stock instead of a round have yet to break theirs. But I don't think they run desert as hard as John and I.

Also not I lost my stock spare tire location as I did not factor that in. It was not my priority at the time as I was planning on a swing out. The second option was to finish plating the rear and move the stock spare winch closer to the rear. It only needs to be moved a few inches back from the original location.





Do yourself a huge favor and remove that coil spring from the clutch pedal assembly. The plastic bushings will wear out and cause very annoying squeaking. It's easy to remove. Replace with 4 cyl clutch return spring 90507-14030. You can query for threads on this.
Oh Gezz.. It has been a while since I updated this.

Did some wheeling in Big Bear.

Picked up a used roof top tent from TW. The only damage I have found was the ladder rubbed into the base quite a bit. Contacted Tepui Tents and they gave me some repair ideas. Sheet metal, epoxy and some pop rivets. Here is a picture of me doing an inspection of seems as I air it out.

Also picked up a Yakima Q-Tower System as a cheap temporary mount for the RTT.

I would like to mount the RTT on the camper shell or remove it and get an Allpro pack rack. Anyone have any input?
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Personally I like to have my shell just because sometimes I like to have the security to keep stuff in the back.

Nice find on the RTT, I have been drooling over those for years. Maybe the next group buy...
Looks good.

Have you solved the inner CV boots tearing with your lift? I think that the next problem I need to solve on my Taco.
Shack down run with the roof top tent.

Quick stop in LA before our tepuitents test trip. It was around 10am so we stopped for some food at Eggslut.

Eggslut - Downtown - Los Angeles, CA

I wouldn't drive out of my way for the food, but it was good.


Worlds stinkiest bathroom on the road to Sequoia. Bathrooms are not as maintained as I thought they would. It may be due to resources being allocated for the rough fire.


The GF approves the roof top tent. No more ground sleeping. Scorpion and giant ants were seen on the ground. Here is our set up at Lower Peppermint Campground.

Sequoia National Forest - Lower Peppermint Campground

The smell around the bathrooms were very strong. Don't camp by the bathroom if you can help it. There are lots of flies at this location so bring bug spray. A fire would help but fire bans were in place due to the rough fire. We were planning to camp off the grid but we were to hungry. Camping cost $17 a night which isn't to bad at all. Stacks of firewood were available if you come during a non fire ban.


Picked up a camp fire permit from the fire-station. They told us stoves were only allowed with in the park. We set up camp very quickly and started cooking our meal. People will call it glamping, but it came in a box from Ralphs. Makes a great first day meal and it was easy to pack.


Checking out some BLM land in Keyesville, CA

Keyesville Special Recreation Management Area | Bureau of Land Management, Bakersfield Field Office

Camping is free at this location. Kern river is a little murky in this location. Trash can be found through out the area. Trash included broken glass bottles, beer cans, plastic bags, q-tips, pieces of balloons, and bottle caps. Bathrooms were unacceptable, again this may be due to the rough fire. The further away from the river the cleaner it will be. We drove around the other side and found the cleanest spot we could.


On the way home we hit up Santa Monica for a quick lunch break. Picked up some Philzcoffe and sandwiches at Bay Cities Italian Deli.


Overall a great weekend trip and tests run. We noted things we needed to change for our next trip.

Things I need to address:
1. I plan on adding more weight and need to swap to Allpro Exp leaf springs.

2. The RTT needs to be moved to the camper shell and some kind of wind deflector needs to be created.

3. Second OEM Center Carrier bearing was going out after 6 years of service. New one is currently on its way.
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Code were cleared till I got a p1132.. which is the A/F front sensor. >.< Always something... Though I do have an exhaust leak that I haven't tended to. Other than that the swap took 30mins, Cutting not unpining. Unpin if your not lazy.
I am doing a similar swap but i am trying to sort out where to wire up the clutch pedal switch. Any help at how to wire up the clutch cancel switch would be apprecaited.
We tried almost everything and we were on a time limit. My brother and I ended up leaving it in there and I haven't had any problems.
Great build! Thanks for documenting it for everyone.

Iust wanted to share a tip to get broken bolts like yours out... Get a large nut that will fit snugly over the bolt, then weld it to the bolt from the inside of the nut. This will allow you to put a wrench or impact gun on it to get it out.

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