Saddleback - Thursday 3/29 1pm

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May 16, 2006
Laguna Niguel, California
Going to hit saddleback tommorrow, can't let smitty have all the weekday fun, I plan on starting from Silverado canyon (library) at 1pm, hope some of you can make it.
Actually i'll stay in the office and start editing the Mojave DVD:) Maybe i can get it done for Saturday AM.

While you guys were away in Mojave I did a run on Saturday from Cleghorn to Arrowhead Village. I took a lot of video and ended up with with about 15 minutes @ 500MB. The format is MPEG. You seem to know a lot about this stuff, could you suggest a site where I can pay to host video's of this size?

I would also consider buying my own server and host it myself if I actually knew how to do that kind of thing. LOL:eek:

Can't wait to see your vid, what a cool trip.
500mb... woa that's a big file to upload. Just google video hosting. I dont really have a recommendation cause i dont really deal with hosted vid clips. My best bet for you would be doing your own server from home or something... that one i cant help with either.. i've never done it! LOL

Sorry im a waste of knowledge today.

How was "cleghammer"? That's one of my all time favorite trails around here.
Pic from last time i was there with the Cajon Pass in the background
Sorry Stan. I didn't mean to hijack your thread but....

Dave what size do you need to limit your video's for Google? I think I saw a 10 minute limit somewhere but no size?

Cleg was really fun we did all the climbs and ran on and off with some built CJ's and a D90. We had four rigs and we all brought our dogs. Near the end one of my buddies dog launched all over his doggie pad. Yum, must have smelled great. Fun day and perfect weather.

Anyway thanks for the info on the video's, not. :DLOL

I took mainly video but here are a couple of pics from Cleg. Stan have fun today!!:bounce:
My rig.

CJ's & D90 we met

My son on Pilot Rock

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