RUSTFREE 1975 FJ40 w/ Cummins Turbo Diesel

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United States
For Sale in Denver/Boulder area:

1975 fj40 in great shape... Runs and drives great.

Here's a youTube video of the landcruiser:

YouTube - 1975 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40/Cummins TurboDiesel 6A

*British Racing Green metal flake paint
*white roof
*Taped roll bar
*fender flares
*towing hitch on front bumper
*cassette player
*CB w/ antennae
*dual fuel tanks w/ switch under driver's seat
*torque converter
*Draw Tight trailer harness

****Cummins Turbo Diesel 6A motor (Earlier motor from the ONAN manufacturer, indestructable, tons of torque...find specs online)
*GM 700R4 Automatic Transmission
*GM Transfer case
*Oldsmobile power steering and steering column/wheel w/ horn
*Dana rear (locked)
*new starter
*new battery
*new belts
*new(upgraded to quality thick cables) wiring between alternator/battery/starter/ignition

This truck has been in Denver in storage for a couple years. It was purchased out of Central Oregon as a veggie oil project and we brought it here from Lake Tahoe and were never able to take the time or money to even start down that road.

The cruiser is a daily driver...I would have undoubtedly done plenty of upgrades and mods of course, if keeping it, but it's in spectacular shape and is an awesome, unique old cruiser. It could be enjoyed as is or used as a solid starting point for a fun project rig, with no cancer issues to haunt you. There is the smallest amount of body fill in a couple spots, but just typical for a custom paint job, not hiding any rust or other blemishes.

****I'm asking 8K***

Available for test drives, etc... if someone loves it, I'd take a deposit and take it off the market.

Feel free to contact with any questions or hit me up with reasonable offers

















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Thanks Bikerso

...Received and replied...
Would like to see the cummins in there.
some interior pics



















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While not a cruiser veteran, I do think the ih8mud crowd should know your "buy it now" price on eBay is $7k.

It looks great and my wife loves the color. Not quite what I'm in the market for, but I'm sure you won't have any trouble selling it.

Yea, I think I'm actually pulling the Ebay auction anyway... for numerous reasons:...I'm getting a ton of local interest...mostly Clist...I know ebay is kind of the 'evil empire' to cruiser people anyway, so It'd be nice to see it stay in CO, and I can get back to tahoe as soon as it sells instead of waiting for Ebay. Pulling tonight.
missing pics

nope, just reorganized em, so they were down for a bit...

showed the truck a few times yesterday and again today, good interest...

Here's a youTube video of the landcruiser:

YouTube - 1975 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40/Cummins TurboDiesel 6A

*The audio quality of the little picture camera i took it with is almost comically bad, really sounds 'tinny' and has tons of treble...doesn't do the truck justice. But when you drive it, it's pretty impressive how much power it has and how smooth it drives. I loaded the video anyway, just because it's kinda cool to have it online for people to see it on the road. When I pulled back in, a guy was passing by on a bicycle and said 'awesome car man'. Classic!

**There are added details in the original post at top...check it out.
That's Dave's old truck. I rode in it once.. I was impressed. From the passenger's seat it had as much or more power than a 2f with the auto. He boasted that he had seen up to 28 mpg.. Propane might have been a factor. What kind of mileage have you seen out of it?
I don't think Medford qualifies as Central Oregon but big diff. Hope if finds a good home. I think the PO misses it a little. He's running a 6BT powered FJ62 now with a NV4500..

Great info, yep Dave George is the guy!
I drove my girlfriend up in my 60 wagon to buy it, but it was her DD so I never did test out mileage...but I do remember Dave saying high 20's.

Very cool to know you've been in the truck, I sure wish I could keep it.
weekend bump

So, Lots of local interested buyers... but one flaked after a

We decided to finish the stuff that I was intended to be done if keeping it, allowing for a totally hassle-free sale....back on Ebay(yep, imagine music from the scene where the emperor enters the room...)

So, since coming out of storage, it got starter, alternator, battery, and now new heavy gauge wiring down at 28th Street garge in Boulder (who I am seriously impressed with , and would highly recommend to anyone in the area... one of he best all-around mechanics I've met, in my opinion.)

And , looks like it's sold...I find out tomorrow night... and will update the thread. If the buyer isn't already an IH8MUD member, i'll introduce and hopefully the rig has a nice new life somewhere...
Final post for the Cummins 6AT FJ40

BTW, I never did update this.... the Cruiser ended up back in tahoe with me for the fall, before going on to it's new home. I had some fun here with it, and then it took a flatbed ride down to a vintage offroad shop in the southwest, where it was supposedly going to get a little tweaking and be a shop truck. I have meant to follow up and hear how it's fared down there, I'm curious for sure.
still kickin

oh hey Kief, sorry havent been on the boards in a while.. this 40 went to an offroad shop in Arizona, I'll track them down and get an update, i've meant to inquire anyway... would love to know what came of the truck.. it was in really great shape when she left, but reverse was gone in the chevy trans. They had a matching trans there for it and were gonna maybe keep it, maybe sell it.

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