Russ Baer + an 80

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Very sweet ride.
Tailgaiting in it tomorrow at the Rangers opening day at The BallPark, should be a hoot.
Earned the name Moana; and already has a few jeep veins in the power steering pump. ha!
Hey guitar man (and Chad), thanks! I like it very much.
Now I have to learn to drive it NOT like Chili.
so how much are the dues????
Build Thread, Build Thread,.......congrats!
The "build thread" would be nothing but a series of pictures of oil dry, a mop and bucket, and dents in my head at this point. Is 344K too many miles? Oh my God, what have I done.
Says Slick:
"Darkside, my darkside". So far, I have replaced the radiator, rebuilt the power steering pump, and replaced all the lines except the high pressure line, bypassed the heater cores, and replaced that one little bitty abomination of a coolant hose underneath the intake. I also plugged the weephole in the trans adapter just to verify that the rear seal in the trans is leaking like a Congressional staffer. I replaced the valve cover gasket the other day, and that took care of ALOT of the oil that was hitting the ground.

The front and rear main seals drool, but not bad. I have a couple of things around the oil pump to seal up and that should really clean things up. I'm pretty impressed for 344,000 miles on an original engine.

It's still drives great, and has no squeaks or rattles, just the clunk when you come on and off the gas which should be iminimized by some of Air Laird's magic green grease in the drive shafts.

I'm bit.
Waiting on my registration to log-in to arrive in my e-mail.
I picked Slick for a screen name cuz I thot it was better than poster child for Hazmat.

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