Rush Knuckle Job

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Aug 2, 2005
Alamogordo, NM
I know we were waiting until Jim gets his Knuckle kit in to do the tech
day but I just got approval from the wife to take a week of leave in
conjunction with a business trip to San Antonio and go the the Lone Star
Cruiser Round up the first week in March. I'm going to have to rush to
get the cruiser ready for the trip. I still have to:

Rebuild Knuckles
Weld on rear axle lower shock mounts -- Sebastien?
Install rear shocks
Install rear Traction bar -- Lance
Regear 4.88s -- Lance
Install LSPV spacer
Fabricate Sway Bar Links -- Sebastien?

I need to get this stuff done ASAP so I'd like to work tomorrow,
Sunday 29 January on some of it. I can either rebuild the knuckles or fab
up sway bar links if Sebastien is free and I can get the materials.

If we go with the knuckle rebuild I'll probably end up doing it in
the Auto Hobby shop at Andrews or Belvior. If you'd like to help, let me
know and I'll come pick you up on my way over. Sorry for the late

Ross, Your knuckle rebuild will go lots easier with the SST kit to find the proper shim combo you need. You should put it to vote at this Wednesday's meeting and order the kit once everyone votes yea.

I will not be able to make it but will have Sebastien place my "YES" vote via proxy if possible. I think we should purchase the knuckle setup SST right away to do your knuckle rebuild and Jim's and any others.

That is great news about the Roundup! I would love to make that trip but the drive time kills too much vacation for me. You will have a blast I am sure.
John, Ross actually got that knuckle rebuild done yesterday with help from John Baker and a little from me. We just used a fish scale to test the drag and added/removed shims until it was within the desired range.

What exactly does the SST do?

The SST makes sure you get the axle centered within the axle housing since the knuckle location dictactes the axle location. If not very well centered you'll probably only suffer premature seal wear and failure.

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