Running narrow axles/35's, will it work?

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Nov 19, 2010
Alberta, Canada
I'm preparing to do a 4 or 5 inch trailgear lift on my 85 xtra cab pickup, i want to run 35's but i'm not keen on hunting down and ifs rear for extra width or running 1.5" of wheel spacer up front so what i'm wondering is if anyone is running narrow axles and using a larger/smaller (?) wheel offset to give enough clearance for 35's to turn without touching my leafs?
even with spacers and wide wheels it will still rub the leaf springs.

You will need to get some offset rims and then adjust the steering stops accordingly. Just dont get a 2 inch backspace rim, it will be reversed and have the beads backwards and can also never be made into beadlocks.

Theres nothing wrong with wheel spacers.

Also an IFS rear is a worthy upgrade. you get bigger brakes and a beefier housing thats not prone to crack around the perches or start smiling.
we run 36 inch sx's with the 2 inch back spaced reversed rims.

both trucks just touch the leaf springs at full turn.

the reversed rims can not be turned into bead locks.

but you are less likely to lose the (now) outer bead.

ours start to burp some air in the rocks at around 5 psi, so we just run them at 10 or so.

I also welded home made rock rings on the out side of the rims.
I ran my old truck like that. Narrow axles, 15x10 3.5" BS rims and 35's. No issue rubbing the springs.
My '80 has no problems rubbing the leaf springs with 2" BS wheels running 37's. You may have some issue with the tire contacting the firewall at full stuff, but you can either use extended bumpstops, tub the firewall or both depending on how bad the contact is.
Stop overthinking... let's do some math...

Narrow axles are 55"
IFS Axles are 58"
most aftermarket wheels are 3.5" backspacing

So if we do some math, running a 2" backspaced wheel on a narrow axle is effectively the same as running a 3.5" backspaced wheel on an IFS axle...

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