Running my 80 series P270/70 tires/wheels on a newer Taco?

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Jun 20, 2003
Fort Langley, BC
Hi guys -

A bit of a cross post here. I am thinking adding a newer Taco to my fleet.
Currently been an 80 series guy with a few different sets of tires & OEM steel wheels.

Can you tell me if my P270/70 R16 OEM steel wheels from my 80 series (with snows and a I also have 33" tires on the same wheels) will fit on a Tacoma pickup (years 2010 to 2015).

I assume yes and it would be V6 auto (might be needed with the offroad 33" rubber).


They may bolt on - but the offset will probably be an issue . Not totally sure , you'd have to look up the offset on the stock wheels and compare it to what you have now . I know the 33's will be a problem with clearance without a serious and expensive lift . There's a lot more info and traffic on Tacoma World forums - they cover everything in great detail . Been there since I bought my '08 a few years ago and it's a great site .

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