Wanted running board caps

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Nov 28, 2005
Bend, Oregon
United States
I was just given a set of factory running boards from a fellow mudder (thanks again toy350!) and I need to hunt down end caps. One of the rear caps is cracked and I would like to hunt down a few more to try and put the rear caps on the front and keep the front mud flaps.

You're welcome :)

If you can't come up with the caps you can run the "L" shaped caps I gave you up front and take off your mud flaps, they actually work just as well as the mud flaps. They use the same bolt holes and hardware you have, just put your mud flaps on the shelf for when you end up ditching the boards. As for the cracked one, you will have to replace that. Talk with CDan, they might not be that much, I think the whole mud flap is only around $50 so maybe an end cap be cheap enough if someone doesn't come up with one for you.

toy305 I already sent a pm to cdan. I was looking at the picture someone posted up on my last thread about running boards and using the front mud flaps and thought it looked pretty good.

Thanks again,

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