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Feb 1, 2012
Attn: All Attendees of the Fall Gathering please read and adhere to the rules posted by our host. We are their guest and must follow their rules. It is important to sign the waiver upon entering their property. Please note that the vehicle requirements are for the onsite trails as they are more difficult than the other trails off the property.
- It is important that EVERY guest check in with Bob or Liza UPON ARRIVAL. Failure to do so will be considered trespassing. We will have waivers for each guest to sign. We are also taking payment during the “check-in” process.
- The ROADS are for DRIVING, and the GRASS is for PARKING. Please do not drive on the grass and please do not park in the road.
- This campground is CARRY IN and CARRY OUT, each club should make their own arrangements prior to their visits for recycling and trash removal.
- Depending on how crowded the electric and grove sites are, you may be asked to park trailers in one of the back fields.
- Please drive slowly in the campground and on our entrance road. There are often dogs and kids around.
- Please clean up after your dog. There are disposal bags available in the bathhouse.
- Please do your best to conserve water. Especially in dry periods, water is in short supply.
- Only firewood originating in New Hampshire permitted in the campground. We will have some firewood for sale on site.
- Please burn only in designated fire pits. Fire pits cannot be moved. Please keep cans and bottles out of the fire pits. Please extinguish fires fully before leaving.

- Do not litter. Please pack out any trash.
- Please keep all smoking and cigarette butts inside vehicles.
- Absolutely no drinking on the trails. Anybody seen drinking while wheeling will be asked to leave immediately.
- Always use a tree saver/strap when winching.
- We do not have trails accessible to motorcycles and ATV's.

Minimum Vehicle Requirements:
You should not be on our trails without seat belts for all occupants, proper tow points, recovery gear (tow strap, tree saver, etc.), and a fire extinguisher.
Green/Blue: 33” tires/2 functional lockers/functional winch/roll bar (factory or aftermarket) or undamaged factory steel roof
Black: 35” tires/2 functional lockers/functional winch/roll bar (factory or aftermarket) or undamaged factory steel roof (full cage highly recommended)
Red: 37” tires/2 functional lockers/functional winch/full cage. Competition compound tires (stickies) strongly recommended.

Some notes about minimum rig requirements and wheeling here: Our minimum rig requirements are not a SUGGESTION in order for you to more easily run the trails without rig damage, they are MANDATORY minimums...running these trails with only the minimum equipment will be EXTREMELY difficult. All of our trails carry a strong possibility of body damage, and the less equipped your rig is, the higher the probability for damage is. We have ZERO tolerance for trail blazing/braiding/making new go-arounds...this place is rugged, this is your fair warning
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