Rubithon ??

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Feb 5, 2003
No I did not search ! But PMC are the ones hosting right ? Tony < Big enchilada ? right ? so my ? What happening in the kitchen this year ? do you need help ? or has Ross Woody got it all worked out ? I only ask because are group usually arrives late on Fri. and have been wondering how your going to pull it off ?
should I not ask ? Woody we will help if you need us ? My 2 cents ?????
55 guy...

PMC does not host. Yes, many are actively involved but no more than any other TLCA Chapter club.

Yes, Ross and I need all our usual kitchen staff including those of you on the Buck Island overnight run.
It is my hope to have other committee members (who arrived earlier in the week) position on the big sluice to help your group ease into the springs on Friday morning, ideally having everyone registered, camp set up and good to go by 3 PM.

Its a lofty goal, but one I believe we can easily handle. I've also asked Marlin to Run with your group as we have no Friday runs this year. We'll see, tough for him to get out of the shop.

Definitely different this year... but it is Recession Rubithon!

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