Rubithon - My 21 YO Son Needs a Ride..

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Aug 16, 2005
El Dorado County CA
Hello All,

My 21 YO son and very soon to be Navy man would like to attend Rubithon prior to leaving for the Navy. He has never been on the 'Con. His mother and I will be signing up for an AM Thursday run in my 40 and would hope he could tag along with someone.

He is a great young man and very willing to help spot, stack rocks or attach a winch line. He does not smoke and rarely drinks a beer.

I will provide all his food and kit stuff. He just needs a ride in and out.

I live on Lotus Road in Placerville. I am halfway between Georgetown and Hwy 50.

Someone taking my son would be welcome to spend Wednesday night at our house and we could leave at O dark thirty for the Thursday run. Or we could meet up at Loon Thursday AM.

Thanks all.

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