Rubber seal kits

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Aug 18, 2017
Yallingup Western Australia
Having just bought a 79 model HJ45 I am currently nose deep in research on what parts I will need for my build and where to find them etc. I started looking at rubber seals and gaskets etc and the prices started mounting up then I noticed a few places sell “kits” with I guess all or most of the rubber that needs to be replaced ina restoration. has anyone bought one of these kits? Is it better value to buy this way or just more convenient? Are they all of a similar quality rubber and fit? Thanks for any advice as the kit is a big $$ item in my build where I will be doing all the work myself.
For that year you might be able to buy a "kit" from aus or something. Most of us pieced ours one little seal at a time over years.

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