rth - vibration and noise with engine speed only while moving

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Feb 21, 2008
Hey all;

I have an 02 tacoma, trd, auto, 3" lift, dropped carrier bearing, lubed joints (all tight, no play), 255/85r16, topper, etc.

I recently noticed that my tires sounded louder with my Windows up. I investigated, used the scientific method, called Sherlock Holmes, asked my father, rotated ties, lifted the rear up and ran to 30 mph, all kinds of stuff

Here's what I've deducted.
The sound is not my tires.
The sound goes away when coasting and comes back under load, regardless of how much load. If the gas is pressed, its there.
I can ALWAYS recreate the sound/feeling at 30 mph.
It can happen at any speed, but not as noticeable as it is at 30 and up.
It's not ujoints.
Its not as noticeable cold.
Does not happen in Park, mild in reverse, nothing in neutral. Happens in 1,2,3,4 with engine rpm above 1500.
Sounds identical to a set of bald swampers. Even has a similar hum/pitch.
I'm lost, any ideas?
The vibration is in my floor and in the pedal. Picture of truck in question
Answer - Carrier bearing rubber housing is super soft, when under load its deforming.
was just going to say this. just picked up an '02 and had a similar issue. I've had driveline vibes before, so it was the first place I looked - yep, driveshaft center support bearing. sloppy rubber housing. replaced, and smooth again.

curiously, the bearing itself was in great shape. it was just the rubber mount that was deformed and loose inside the metal bracket.

the fix was a bit more work than expected, but relatively straight forward and not too difficult.

so did you replace yours?
also, why are those washers there? is that because you have a lift? I think I saw this last week, too, on another post.
I think the washers are supposed to compensate for a lift. This could be the problem with some vibration. If that bearing isn't centered up it's gonna 'rattle' around.
I replaced the carrier bearing assembly with a timken HB31. Vibration went away, noise still there.
Yodta- to help compensate for lift. Helps a lot.
My install went too easy, it all slid off and on without issue. Not sure on the washers. Made mo sense to me, I just put them back in order.
Brake weight - those were temporary. I've got a peice of square tube in there that has been cut on one end and bent to a similar angle then rewelded to make sure there is no binding of the grommet or bearing.

Local mechanic says its my rear end. I'm inclined to believe him, gonna pull it and see.
I took the rear driveshaft out from the rear axle to the carrier and drove it off the front only. No vibrations. Means that its in the rear for sure now.
Diff builder says nothing wrong with the diff, though I did my wheel bearings (rear) and they felt like someone topped the last gear oil change with rocks.

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