RTH - Clock Spring missing airbag connection

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Sep 2, 2018
Replacing my clock spring and the eBay cheapo is missing a connection for the airbag. My 100 has two cables connecting the airbag, the replacement only has one.

My clock spring is already broken, so I have no airbag anyway. I’m leaving for a trip tomorrow and would like to restore the cruise control until my new replacement gets here. Anyone see an issue with running the airbag with only one plugin, or would it be better to just leave the airbag unplugged altogether?

Keep in mind I will fix it, and don’t have an airbag currently anyway. I’m just unsure what using only one plug would do.
Meh, left the airbag unplugged. Clock spring works, have horn and cruise control. Just going to wait for the new one.

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