RTH 1000 miles from home in colorado

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Jul 21, 2010
Hey guys I'm in grant colorado 1000 miles from home just replaced front wheel beerings now I have ujoint going out. I hav shaft out and getting ujoint in morning was wondering if anyone has a vise I can use or any suggestions how to change without vise. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Depending on how long the ujoint has been in, sometimes you can remove the clip and tap on the ear just below the cap with a hammer and the cap will back itself put far enough to grab it with some channel locks or other pliers. You can also get a piece of pipe or a socket just larger than the cap and another smaller to tap through into the larger, just like you would do with a vise.
If you found a shop close, I can't imagine they would charge you a whole lot to change a ujoint. Might be worth just getting it done. Evergreen is pretty close, there has to be something there. I'm in woodland park and could help later in the day. I have a vise and a 20 ton press.

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