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I upped my wrenchin skills, now up yours!
Jun 2, 2012
Coastal NC
Just wanted to introduce here in O-so-slow County (aka Onslow) Ive been looking at FJs for awhile, and now that the huz knows its not a passing fancy - he recommended getting input from the 'subject matter experts' .. Sadly there dont seem to be a lot of older FJ40s around here .. I posted on the main forum asking about everyones first FJ experience and got some great here goes -

Tell me about your first FJ driving experience..did you already know you wanted one before youd driven it?
My first experience with one was back in the 70's but that is showing my age a bit. It was my old mans truck . After going somwehere in the 80's in the military i came back and got one and still have it to this day.

If you are looking for one right now do yourself a favor and have someone like me or someone else really knowledgeble either go with your family and look at it or have one of us find you one. There are plenty of people on here in ONSC that will help you find what you are looking for at a good price.

And welcome to our little family here.
Good to see you found the forum Charity. Darin's right, we have a lot of members who'll be glad to check out a Cruiser for you, should you find one somewhere in NC.

Let us know to what degree you're willing to put into repairs and replacment of items, as that will dictate your price range. Cruisers can be way overpriced for what they are, and we can help you get a realistic price for what you're looking at.

I didn't mention this in the email, but we have lots of members (approx. 75 or so) across NC who are willing to travel and help work on other member's trucks. So don't be intimidated about a truck needing some work...
What Im looking for - please remember this is all pretty new to me - so I may be vague were I shouldnt be..
I want an FJ40
I want one that is actually running
If its Christmas, then itd be a 1979 (AC, Power Steering)
But Im in love with these 40s regardless,..
I dont care about the 'easy fixes' or minor blemishes..
Paint job is unimportant...
The tub is a huge huz had taught me the reason rhino lining is evil in an old FJ. Unfortunately, 'the lesson' was the only FJ that Ive seen for sale around Jville..
I dont want to drop a bunch of money, just to replace a tranny..

(Ive seen some FJ's that have had chevy engines in them...why?)
If it has some kind of chevy or gm crap in huz is more likely to divorce me then ever help me with it..

I am obviously no mechanic, .. my huz has done restoration projects before - so he is adamant that a frame off resto project will not happen in our front yard LoL
We're planning on retiring in about 6 years. If there's something I need to be more specific on - you only have to ask...and before I answer - I will look it up and figure it out..ha ha
Welcome Charity!

My first experience with a 60 was when I was 12 ( 1990's ) or so. A good friend of my family had bought one new and I got to ride around in it a bunch of times. I fell in love. Regularly, I'd tell him that if he ever decided to sell it that he should call me. When I was 16, he had let it overheat and the manifolds warped, so it would not run any longer. He gave it to me and I was hooked.
My first experience was as alittlte kid in my uncles 40 I always thought about it in the back of my mind but didnt get serious about it until i met my wife who drove a 60 and still does since weve been together weve acquired our 80 and our 40 my wife loves driving the 40 and it doesnt have power steering its and she is a small girl and constantly makes fun of the jeeps here in Fayetteville because there is alot here. We are a cruiser family and she makes sure to let people know if you want to talk to her about her experiences in a landcruiser pm me and ill talk to her about you guys getting on the phone.

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We are a cruiser family and she makes sure to let people know if you want to talk to her about her experiences in a landcruiser pm me and ill talk to her about you guys getting on the phone.

Sent from my iPad using IH8MUD

Sending PM now..
sarca said:
Sending PM now..

My wife also has 2 cruisers of her own. An fzj80 and a 1975 fj55. You can also talk to her about her experiences.

She also drives an fj 62 everyonce in awhile.
:bounce:... Update... I caught my husband looking for FJs online tonight... Assimilation Complete! Now it comes down to finding one heh heh. I told him that suggesting that I talk to yall on this forum only served to convince me that I was wondering on the right path.!! I
Fellas-. (and Ladies).... I'm officially shopping to buy an FJ...
PM is forthcoming!
Well, welcome to the Eastern Bloc of the Olde North State Cruisers.

I've been a cruiserhead for about 10 years. I first noticed the look of the LC while I was in Pensacola at flight school. Couiple years later, I had my first 40 series. Since then, the addiction has grown, quite a few cruisers have come and gone and even though I am with out a 40 right now, the love for the classic 40 series remains.

I live over in Swansboro, so I'm another Onslow county inmate.:grinpimp: Custyota and ST8ROCKS are also coastal Carolina dwellers in the Morehead/Cherry Point area.

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