Rooftop tent WTB

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Dec 8, 2002
Tucson Az
I'm just throwing this out their. Just in case someone picked up an extra one from the good buy not to long ago. If it is taking up room in your garage I'm interested.
I'm sure this tread will end up at the bottom of the pond soon , but what the hell.
Thanks Brian
I think Brittan is selling his, and he's local... Tempe. His is a Mombasa from the group buy. Jim's Overland is a high end model, a good quality tent.
I have one for sale but it comes with a custom made rack that only fits a D-Cab Taco. I may have it sold...
Thanks for thinking of me BMan...
If you don't and Brian only want's the tent maybe we could work out something on the rack... being that it fits my truck.
If that sale falls through I would be in for the Tent for sure. Please keep me posted I have the cash burning a hole in my pocket. Jim's is a little more than I need.

Thanks Brian
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Rooftop tent FS


I'm sure I'll regret this in a few weeks, but I have Mombassa that I picked up a few weeks ago from a lister that is still NIB (literally). After talking with the wife, I think a popup would work better for the family camping. So PM me if your interested. I'm in Gilbert (SE Phoenix area). I'll be out camping this weekend, so prolly get back to you Monday, if you're interested.

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