roof rack: rain gutter/roll cage mount??

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Jan 25, 2008
hey guys - im just about at the stage of having to build a roof rack for my 81 troopie - and i would love some input on whether to mount it standard like, to the rain gutters, and negate the necessity for a roll cage, or, make a full external cage, with sliders and built into the rear bumper....

i plan on keeping my two spare bfg 265/75/16 on rims as well as a box of tools and spare bits and hi-lift and whatnot...

any thoughts on load bearing properties of this fiberglass top?

thanks!!! :steer:
i've got a con-ferr roof rack from my 40 that i extended and mounted to my troopy when i had it. i had it loaded down with alot of gear and the gutters held it up fine. it had 3 gutter mounts per side, but i would difinitely want more than that if you're able to fab it. i just didn't have the time to do it to mine. check my sig line for some pics of the rack.

how's the a/c and pwr steering coming?

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