Rolling chasis and rancho lft kit

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Jul 15, 2003
United States
Ok, I have a rancho 2.5 inch lift kit for any model fj40 that is in excellent condition. It is just the leaf springs and shocks. I am asking $215 obo + shipping. I also have a very nice rolling chasis. It is the frame, axels, engine, 4spd tranny, tcase and drive shafts. All in good condition. The drive train has just over 61 k miles on it. The compression is 140 in all cylinders. This engine has been inspected by a mechanic and he said it was one the cleanest engines he's seen of a fj40. I am asking $1500 and I am willing to arrange shipping but I don;t that will be a good idea. Oh ya all the parts are in Dallas, TX.
What year is this, and is it all original, or piece mealed together???
I would be interested in the lift. Let me know what shipping costs to Cedar City Utah 84720 would be? Thanks
do you have any pictures of the half cruiser? what year?
Not so sure about the lift as i just sunk some money into some body panels, so i will let you know in a few days. If not keep us all posted on any other lifts and parts you may have.

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