Rolled the 4Runner

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Jul 7, 2009
Raeford, NC
So we were at the Uwharrie Stables this weekend with the intent of Thomas competing in the May Jam Rock Crawl and were cruising the off road race track when a sharp right turn was too much for the Detroits/iroks and the 4Runner rolled...passenger, top, driver, tires, then rested on the passenger side. Luckily everyone is fine...I ended up being the one most banged up - just bruises and scrapes. Amazingly the truck is fine (except for body damage and destroyed windshield and sunroof) and that good old 22RE is running. Thank goodness for the internal roll cage - and Thomas's welds really held up and saved us.

I think I'll be sticking to wheeling in the FJ for the next couple of weeks. ;)

I also wanted to note that everyone at the event was amazing! They helped pull us all out and made sure we were all okay and put the 4Runner back on its feet and towed it back to the trailer for us. :)
Wow, that sucks. Glad everyone is ok.

Any pics? Are you running coils front/rear or leafs? Better get some Anti-Rock bars if you plan on anymore high speed runs on fodees.

Should be dropping off the FJC this week for the locker.

We were literally going 3mph...super slow. But like everyone said, once you feel the roll, there's no pause - it's going. It was not a fun experience at all. I am VERY grateful that we are all okay.

I'm sore everywhere...and the hospital is making me wear a least I got some good muscle relaxers...for when I'm not at work..haha.
I didn't take any pictures since I was freaked out and fighting back tears (I know what a girl), but I saw some onlookers taking pictures so maybe they'll end up on nc4x4.
Glad every one is OK...My first accident(??) was a roll my 68 chevy van. I was 15 and Clayton is right, it's a weird feeling. Ended up on it's top. I was OK, but I had to call my dad to come get me. That was the real scarey part.

Still want pics...
The best I can promise is pictures of what the 4runner looked like before, and then now. I actually hope no one at the venue took pictures b/c I'm sure I look exactly like you'd expect someone who went through a rollover to look. :)

I'll post the before/after tonight.
I will pay for pics of Mylene crying like a little bitch with snot down her nose, mascara running, and covered in dirt!!!! LOL

Did you piss yourself? I might have sharted!!! :D LOL
I will pay for pics of Mylene crying like a little ***** with snot down her nose, mascara running, and covered in dirt!!!! LOL

Did you **** yourself? I might have sharted!!! :D LOL

Very funny! I was holding back tears...I didn't actually cry until later in private. LOL. :) I had to be carried to a cherokee that took me back to the front b/c I was all faint-ey. Haha.

I luckily didn't shart...haha..but I was very scared. I won't even lie.
did you put your arm on forehead and in southern accent say, I THINK I MIGHT FAINT, PLEASE CATCH ME, Ya'lllll?!?!?!

I would be too...just giving you hell since you talk so much s*** to me about my FJC and the fat girl that owns her or used to own her or whatever she did with her. LMAO
pre rollover followed by post rollover.





So, you gonna go with an Exo now?


The body is already trashed, and the internal cage held up under the weight of the entire truck, so if anything the body is going to be removed and skinned with wrapped sheet metal.
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Okay, I take that back! I guess it does look almost as bad. Didn't mess the windshield up as much. I was going more than 3 mph. Plus idiot me didn't have a seat belt on. Stupid!!!!!!! Didn't mean to hijack the thread:(

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