Rodney automatic temp guage group buy

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Oct 29, 2008
In the valley of the Great Salt Lake.
I have emailed Wholesale Automatics in Oz multiple times and have never received a reply. I would like one of their temp gauge kits as seen here:

Wholesale Automatic Transmissions

Can someone that has either bought something from them or has established communication with them ask them if they would be interested in a group buy of their Temp Gauge Kit?

I will sign up for one of the A440F kits for an fj62 with the guage reading degrees fahrenheit.

Anybody else interested if we can get their attention?????

If we order a bunch of these, we might get their attention more quickly. So let me know if anyone else out there would like one of these.

As soon as at least 10 people respond, I'll try another email.
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Don't know a price. And I didn't call them. My cell phone is a company provided unit, and an extra charge to Australia might get someones attention in a bad way. That is why I have tried using email with them.
I just got off the phone with Rodney - it's about 10:30 am there at this moment. He said that any 3FE or Ih8mud lister who identifies themself as such will get his "mate rate" which is better than wholesale pricing and that a group buy is not necessary - just contact him individually. Canadian folks will have to deal with the Canadian distributor. If you have phone service that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to call OZ that is the best way to go as he gets many many emails a day and his business is always swamped. The design for his A440F and the torque converters and valve bodies for them has been stable now for nearly two years and I can say from personal usage that they absolutely rock. Takes the slush out of slush box. His "mate rate" also qualifies for temp gauge kits and Rodney pointed out that the American dollar is very strong against the Aussie dollar at the moment so now is a good time to buy OZ products and postage is favorably affected too. Again, no group buy necessary, just mention you are a mudder and get a great discount from Rodney's Wholesale Automatic Transmissions.

OK, we are up to three! Soon as we get 10, I'll try another email and maybe we can get a price. Once we get a price, we can start getting commitments from interested buyers.
FWIW Dave at 4X4 Japan, a Mud vendor, is a dealer for these guys.
does anyone know the cost, and does anyone have any pics of where you mounted the temp gauge?
WOW! that must be some kit...Think I'll just go with the AutoZone unit I already bought.

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