Rockvember Event Planning help.

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Apr 5, 2005
Need some good ideas here.

For everyone that went to last one we know there was things that could of been done better. We all know this. Now I have been asked to ask you what all you would like to see there as in a mud comp / rockcrawl comp / poker run, anything else within reason.

Need to know what days would be good. Kinda thought myself friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Make it a 2 day event. Or it could be Sat / Sun.

Thanks for all ideas / help.
A vendor/sponsor midway.

More events! and have them running all day.

Workshops or showoff sessions for exceptional rigs?

A fee-based rockcrawl course (or courses, for different rigs), w/ fees going to the troops.

Side-by-side mud races? The mud bog pace was boring, watch a truck go for 10 secs then wait 20 mins. for the next one.

Perhaps allow vendors, organizations, clubs to set up closer to the action. Last year, the events and spectators were very separated.

Maybe some events for children? Like an easter-egg hunt/geocache w/ little prizes.

Definitely needs to be on Saturday at least, if not Saturday and Sunday.

Ponies. Pink ones. ;)
Thanks for the help guys I really appreciated it!! So far for the kids, I would like to do a neon painted lug nut hunt, and also do a projection screen with the movie "Cars" or something like that... Definately like the idea of having the "Club" section closer...maybe down in the outskirts of where the bonfire/concert was? Friday night we will probably have a meet & greet/truck show off/Sled pull...I'm going to check with PIAA Lights since they were with us last year and see if they want to sponsor a night run for everyone after the sled pull on Friday night...Also, great idea about a side by side mud race!! I'll definately be checking on that one...we will more than likely be doing the amateur mud in the morning on Saturday since we'll be having the pro series championship finale from like 12-4...We've talked about having a poker run or capture the flag event during the pro mud race as well to keep the non mudders goin!! There will still be a concert and bon fire on Saturday night and rock crawl under the lights until we are shut down...Now as far as he strippers go, as much as I wish we could, it won't happening lol...HOWEVER, we will be having hooters girls taking donations from the drivers of the amateur mud race and the rock crawl under the lights!! They will also be roaming thruout the crowd at those two times and the concert as well which of course the monies will be going straight to the benefit again of Operation Homefront...Any other ideas, keep em coming!!
I'm sure setting up an event of this magnitude is not easy, I am grateful you are doing this for the troops and also soliciting feedback.

You'll never please everyone! But you probably already know that.

I would frame feedback around the pace and quantity of events. It'd be great to see stuff going on pretty regularly, e.g. after a mud race have some trucks queued up for the rocks - that way spectators will always have something to keep their interest.

Kudos to you!
Thanks I do appreciate that...Didn't know last year how hard this would be to get together but I've enjoyed it and it's definately been a learning experience...Also found out that you can't please everyone which I really stressed over for a while after its was all done...Thats why I want your ideas and what you would like to see happen!! We will try to have a little of everything for everyone...We are trying to set up the times where there will always be something going for everyone, but stagger the times where you atleast have one event starting maybe an hour before the other so you can spectate and then participate in another...Thanks for your feedback...keep it coming!!
Thanks for all of the ideas ya'll. Keep them coming if you have anything else you would like to see.
Rick Hendrik Toyota is putting this on, But i will let Eagleswarrier say anything further.

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