Mar 15, 2005
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Thought I'd post up a few notes about our trip.

I drove my 60 two full days there and back (ca 8 hours on the road, including stops--per day, total of 4 driving days). Rockport, Texas--home of Padre Island Nat'l seashore--a beach you can drive on.

Purpose was to visit my dad and hangout on the beach some. We caught a few red fish from his boat. I drove out onto the sand some and rescued a bunch of college students in a Mustang buried up to it's axles in sand. The 2f took about 3 seconds to pull it out. I was rewarded with can of Budweiser. I drank a few sips and poured the rest on the ground. Yuch. I'll stick to imports thank you very much.

I'm gaining confidence in my 60. We had two minor issues crop up. 1) I noticed it was running a little hotter than usual. With a brand new waterpump and thermostat this didn't make sense. Morning after our first camping night I check the coolant level: also fine. I started it up and noticed the belt was a little loose. When I tried to tighten it I found the reason: one of the tensioner bolts had vibrated loose and dropped out. Not having a spare on hand I tighted down the remaining bolt as hard as I could w/o stripping it, then headed on for another 8hrs of driving. Picked up a fresh bolt at ACE hardware. Problem solved.
2) weird squeak coming from the clutch area. I think I've had it adjusted too tight. I loosened it and it went away for a day and came back agian. Not sure what to make of it. Will try to loosen it somemore. Any thoughts are welcome.

Other than these the new head and clutch gave a very smooth ride. We did some minor off-road. I took my dad through some big mud holes in his neighborhood. I went through a 2foot deep water crossing in the marshes and rode some trails back a ways. Nice remote fishing area in a tidal estuary.

Gearing up for the next big one. Hopefully regeared and carrying a winch.
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May 15, 2002
Jackson, MS
Well, sounds like it was a great trip. Musta been good, not one frantic phone call in a whole week gone. ;p

Great pictures, especially the one of Josh.

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