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Dec 31, 2015
It is time to finally turn all of my Rock Warriors loose. I have gone back and forth on letting them go, but I am going a different direction on this build and they are taking up too much space in my garage to justify hanging on to them for any future builds. I'll probably regret selling them, but here goes...

I'm not looking to get rich off of them, but I do know how hard it will be for me to replace these should I ever get the itch again. So I think I am pricing fairly based on supply/demand and the condition of the wheels so the prices are firm.

I have two sets. Local pick up only in NE Mississippi. I don't want to hassle with shipping.

1st Set: $800 for all 4 or $250 each if sold separately.
  • No tires
  • No lug Nuts
  • Good condition
  • One rock ring has scratch that could be buffed out
  • One wheel has small nick close to lug hole
  • Set is missing a total of 3 ring fasteners
  • have all 4 center caps that are usable, but need restoring

Dirty here, but I'll clean up. (see 2nd photo)

This is top right wheel with ring scratch from photo above after being cleaned up.

The one has TVD Vinyl, the other three are a poor attempt at being painted.

2nd Set: $1400 for all 4. Will not sell separately.
  • Includes used 285/75 KO2s mounted with another 5k or so miles left in them. (no TPMS)
  • Includes OEM lug nuts with 5 additional ones to replace the keyed type
  • All in very good condition with no major blemishes
  • Includes all 4 center caps in good condition with Black TRD overlays from TVD Vinyl
  • Fun fact... I purchased these from ex-Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt

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On the 200


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If you are open to a family member meeting you up in DFW on my behalf, I'm interested in the first set.
If you are open to a family member meeting you up in DFW on my behalf, I'm interested in the first set.
I can accommodate that. Shoot me a PM and we can discuss. Thanks
All have sold.

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