Rob on Vacation

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Feb 4, 2005
Richmond, VA
Hey guys,

I will be out of the country for two weeks. I will try to check a computer from time to time ( between Beers at the Beer Garden!!!) if I get a chance. Please post here or at my email address if anything comes up.

We are still on for the swap meet on the 21 st. Norm and I will figure out the food and drink sales thing. Cam are you still bringing the Grill???

By the way Norm will be with me and he is bringing the BBRC check book!!! :flipoff2: We might need a bigger fund raiser once we get back.

Everyone be safe and I will see you when we return.

Rob:cheers: :cheers: :beer: :beer:
Norm and I just got back from Haufbrauhaus, (burp) the largest beer garden in the city of Munich. We may need another deposit into the checking account! We keep getting shafted on the exchange with the Euro. 1.33 us to 1. We have 2 more days here and then we head to the Unimog factory tour. Do we want all steering axles or some of both. I am not sure how I am going to get them in my carry on, we may have to check them. I think a shipping container may get to pricey.
By the way the keyboards over here have letters in different locations and it is really hard to type when one has had a few golden beverages, thanks BBRC.
We have even found a few landcruisers over here, one bj42 looking one in Brussels.

On to a more serious not I am about out of beer. Please hold any questions untill we return. I expect the meeting to go smooth. I have no new news just want to remind everyone about the swap meet and then GSMTR. I hope all is well in Va and will see you all soon

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