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Apr 8, 2019
Hi guys,

I have a general question. I am planning to buy a RJ77 1991 petrol 2.4. I know the engine is too weak and would like to change it to higher engine. Unfortunately we I am you can only change for the same cylinder which is 4 on this car. Some mechanics are suggesting a hilux vigo 2.7 petrol 2006 and up engine for this car. I know I have to change all wiring and the ECU but my question is can I use the same gearbox and transfer case and would the new engine have the same ratio or I need to change the gearbox as well. I would appreciate it if someone can guide me.

Thanks alot



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Mar 23, 2012
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If you have not bought the vehicle yet, why don't you consider a different model that has the engine you prefer already? This will probably save you money in the end.

Or you could just run the RJ77 as it is. Do you need to travel on fast highways? If just in the city or slow highways, the 22R is probably fine.

If you really want to swap, I recommend using an older engine. It will have less electronics and be an easier install. Engine's that bolt up to the same transmission series are the 5VZFE (3.4l V6) and the 1UZFE (4.0l V8). Both of these have been put into the same chassis with good success.

Here is a picture of a 5VZFE swapped for example. Looks perfect in there!


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