Rising Sun Rally - Lakewood Colorado - Sat 7th August.

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    It is official the 2010 Rising Run Rally will be held at the Jeffco Stadium on 8/7/2010. Gate opens at 9AM

    Location is on the corner of Kipling and 6th Avenue. When you turn off make sure you turn into the stadium area and don't stay on the frontage road. There is no entrance from the frontage road.

    We will be charging $5 per vehicle and selling Raffle Tickets for a $1. We will be selling collective 2010 RS Rally T-Shirts for $15 at the gate - Adult sizes available.

    Raffle Prizes will be provided by:

    Mean Green - $100 gift card
    Stay the Trail - Hoodies
    Go Toyota
    AQUALU Industries, Inc. - a $300 gift certificate, T-shirt, decals and a key chain

    We will have a Toy 4x4 Race for kids.
    Kids will be provided cardboard boxes, markers, and crayons, to design their own Toyota. Later in the day we will have Tech Inspection, as this is a TLCA sanctioned event. (Make sure Kids have Head Protection, and good tread, E-brakes need to work and lets not forget the fire suppression systems, AKA water bottles).

    Gate opens at 9ish. Bring your junk to sell, and a few dollars in your pocket to buy junk. Slee will be providing Food (thank you). We will have t-shirts to buy and raffle tickets for sale ($1 per ticket). Lots of very cool stuff is being raffled this year. $100 gift card to Mean Green, $300 gift card to Aqualu. GO Toyota is offering up tire packages, bilstein shocks, and more. Metal Tech is sending something don't know what yet. I have not been the soul person contacting Vendors so I am not sure what has all been donated for the raffle. We will have an ARB locker install demo. Cardboard box decorating contest with a race to follow for the kids. There will be some show and tell around HAM and all the questions you have should be answered. People seem to stroll around and look at Toyotas, and make new friends or see old friends.

    Vendors will be there. Slee, GO Toyota, Rocky Mountain Cruisers, Tread Lightly, Stay the Trail, Redline, etc.

    It should be a good day for all ages. We figured if Kids are happy, Significant Others are happy, and thus you get to stay longer.

    Sunday will be Trail Rides and those have been posted under this thread as well as Trail Staging.

    Look forward to seeing you out there. I think there maybe a lot of Toyota 4x4's coming out of the woodwork for this event.
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    2010 Rising Sun Rally - Saturday August 7th

    Hopefully the largest Land Cruiser and Toyota truck gathering ever! FJ Cruisers, Land Cruisers, Minitrucks, 4Runners, Rock Crawlers, Full sized Toyota Trucks, etc.

    Hope to see everyone there! :)

    10-3 at the Jeffco Stadium just South of 6th and Kipling.


    Printable Rally Flier


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