ring and pinion compatability

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Jun 5, 2012
Awhile ago "theMan posted a thread about correcting his speedo after a gear change. The gear change was on a Previa van using 2nd gen 4runner gears. Well I want to do the gear change. TheMan hasn't posted for quit a while so I don't expect a reply from him but maybe someone else can confirm compatibility with my 93 Previa. I currently run 4.3 and want to go to 4.1. I need a source.
Your 4.1 (4.10) would be standard 4cyl r/p. Try most any gear house. Marlin, 4WParts, TG, etc.
Thanks for the reply ferg.
I was calling parts houses and the guys weren't finding anything listed for a Previa, not knowing that other 7.5's will fit. I got a quote from West Coast Diff. for 550. for a complete 3rd member with all new parts and the ratio of my choice. The best I could do on my own is 380. for a R&P and an install kit. Makes the complete unit look like a good deal. Do you think 3.90 is too high for towing a Uhaul trailer on the Hwy?

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