For Sale Richardson, TX 1978 FJ40

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
Richardson, Texas United States
Asking $25k

Bought in 2005, did a frame off restoration over the next year. Original color was red. Not sure on actual mileage, shows approx 30k, but no idea. Runs and drives great, it is a great weekender, has never been off road.

Powder coated frame and around 50 other parts underneath
4 Speed
HFS Lift
33's BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A including spare
Installed Saginaw Power Steering
New lights and decals all around
Seats re-worked with new foam and covered. Frames in great shape
New hoses, clamps, etc..
Gas tank pulled and refurbished
Radiator refurbished
List goes on....

I have passenger doors and the ambulance doors for rear (all painted to match at same time). I do not have the top.

Photo Oct 23, 2 05 32 PM.jpg

Photo Nov 28, 4 22 34 PM.jpg

Photo Nov 28, 4 22 41 PM.jpg

Photo Nov 28, 4 23 06 PM.jpg
Can you share some closer shots of the usual suspects - rear sill, windshield, floors, etc.? Any gotchas or things that need work? Not looking for an off-road vehicle or a show queen - just something fun to drive around and tinker with / learn on while it's still usable.
Also forgot to ask - does it have heat or AC? I know they can be added with some aftermarket kits. Drums or discs (or a pair of each)?
@1stFJ40 figured I'd try to ping you one last time - no response in the past couple of weeks in the thread or via DM. Has it sold?

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