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Nov 22, 2020
Rhode Island
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  1. 4Runner
02916 East Providence Rhode Island, United States
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My second 4Runner (210k miles) seeks a new home. I just sunk ~$3800 into it over the past few months, but I have had ongoing issues with the VSC, and after attempting to get it sorted with two times swapping out the yaw rate sensor, I am giving up. Someone can AndyMod it, shut off the VSC/TRAC, and live happily ever after. Recent work includes:

November 2020:
Hood Latch & Cable

October 2020:
Radiator Coolant Hoses
Timing Belt & Water Pump

September 2020:
Replacement Exhaust

July 2020:
General Grabber APT tires (265/70)

This is a lifelong New England truck, so there is underbody corrosion; couple of pics to show what I'm talking about. It's a Sport Edition in Thundercloud Gray Metallic with a gray leather interior. The front windows were tinted and the bug guard was added under prior ownership; I didn't modify it beyond adding a Kenwood eXcelon touchscreen stereo (has plug-in Apple CarPlay capability) and Kenwood eXcelon speakers in the doors (rears upsized to 5 1/4").

After losing my last '02 SR5 in a rear-end collision in May 2019, I was stoked to find this one, but the VSC issue (acting up intermittently without provocation) has been a pervasive issue for me, and I think that someone with the inclination would be able to disable the system on demand via the Andy Mod 2.0, which involves installing a switch and doing a little bit of wiring so you can shut off the VSC and traction control, but without disabling the ABS. For more details: Installing the Latest Iteration of the Andy Mod - YotaTech

Right now, I've pulled the ABS TRAC module. The truck drives perfectly fine now, but the VSC, TRAC, and brake lights are illuminated on the dash as all three systems are disabled with the module removed. Comes with service records from my ownership. Let me know if you are interested, and thank you for reading!

Title in hand! $6000 obo. Contact me via email, and I can send you a PDF of a Carfax report I purchased in September 2020.

Walk-around video can be viewed here:

IMG_0560 (2).jpeg

IMG_0559 (2).jpeg

IMG_2106 (4).jpeg

IMG_0659 (2).jpeg

IMG_0781 (1).jpeg

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