Review - storage/sleeping platform from Mountain Passes Off-Road (Steve Foltz) (2 Viewers)

Dec 29, 2020
I saw some forum posts about Steve’s platform (Mountain Passes Off-road. - earlier this year, so figured I’d give it a try in my 2006 GX470. I want to keep my gear that I store in the back from becoming projectiles should I get in a wreck and I want to be able to sleep in the back when camping.

I messaged Steve on Oct 15 2020 via his Facebook page, sorted out what color the carpeting on the platform should be, paid for the platform and began patiently waiting. Steve texted me a couple times during his build process to keep me updated.

I got the FedEx package on Dec 28 2020 and installed it in my GX right away. Everything arrived in good condition, Steve clearly put a lot of effort into protecting his work with smart packaging. Easy install - just lift it into the back of the truck and click into the rear seat mounts. Screw the included bolts/legs into the bottom of the platform and that’s it.

Here are some pictures of it installed and the sleeping “bridge” pieces laying on top of the platform. Now it’s time to properly organize my gear that’s under the platform and get out to do some camping.



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