Events/Trails Return to Cleghorn Trail June 15th.......Who's in?

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Dec 27, 2018
San Diego County
I'm planning another trip to Cleghorn Trail. The trail head is about 1.5 hours north of Escondido, just short of the 138 and right off of the 15. This trail starts at the 15 and ends at Silverwood Lake. The end of the trail has a big paved lot to air back up. From there, jump on the 138 and drive back out (15 minutes to the 15).
For those that want to meet up for lunch after the run, we can find a place to stop on the way south.

*EVERY OFFSHOOT HAS A BYPASS* So you can watch first and decide.

Date: June 15th
Meet: 9am (or 7:30 near Escondido to go up together)
HAM: 146.490

Trail time: 3-4 hours (longer if we do the 2 additional offshoots)

We plan to hit most of the offshoots. Those brave enough to do them all can. All were passable in my 100 series with some "pucker factor". I'll lead through them all if anyone want to do them.

Recommend 33' or larger tires, 2 in lift, 1 locker & sliders for the tougher offshoots.

If we don't do the hardest 2, a locker may not be needed. Sliders recommended but probably not needed. The trail is fun! Expect some 3 wheeling.

Let me know who wants to go. It would be great to have a Toyota lineup.

Who's in????

I'm down like Charlie Brown!
The Roof Top Tent may need to come off. There is some off camber stuff and a few places where I hear branches hitting my antenna.

Let me know if you need help taking it off and putting it back up.
We are in escrow and trying to find another home so my weekends are up in the air. I will see if I can make it though.
I will meet you up at the trail head at 9:00 looking forward to it Mike!
See you there Justin. How about the rest of you? Meets at the trailhead?

Final count?
I think Robert is going and I hit up Tommy as well, but I'm not sure if he's committed.
We're getting close and the turnout is looking good. It will be a fun day.

My truck is with Dave at Bent Motorsports getting new SPC Uppers, Tie Rods, Rear Shocks and Wheel Bearing service today(correcting the issues found during the safety inspection). If all goes well, I'll have it back this evening.

If the dirt lot shown below the pin is open, we can stage there. If not (last time it was blocked off), we can find room along the side of the trail near the entrance.


I'll see you all there at 9am.
Got the truck back today. Feels better already! I can't wait!

Justin...Did you get the confirmation from Robert and Tommy?
So far yes and yes, I just txt Tommy to see if he was still on board, I'll let you know when he gets back to me.
We hade another great run at Cleghorn. A few guys didn't show up. We had a total of 5 rigs.
Justin and Tommy were both riding solo in their FJ Cruisers, Russell in his 100 with 2in lift (no sliders) had his young son, Christian in his stock 100 (no sliders) with his 18y/o son and myself with my 14y/o son all hit the trail.

The weather is getting warm and the trail dusty. Most of us managed to do all but 1 offshoots that were open. The 2 rigs without sliders opted out of a few spots but did some things they were amazed a pretty much stock vehicle could do. One of the main offshoots was closed down with caution tape (broken tape by others so we opted not to go into the area).

Other than a few more pinstripes and rear bumper corner scuffs, no serious trail damage. I think I got the worst damage, a branch scratch that didn't really damage paint but left a 3 in long minor dent.

Christian on one of the first offshoots.

Russell getting a little tipsy!

Taking the "easy line".

Tommy and Justin getting it done with ease!

All in all a GREAT Trip! I hope you guys had fun on my favorite trail of the area.

Happy Fathers Day!

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