Reproduction bed panels

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Feb 4, 2005
Richmond, VA
Who makes good reproduction long wheel base bed panels and hooks? It looks like AWL_TEQ makes nice ones, I have not seen them in person. I have seen the Aqualu beds and they look good, not sure I want aluminum. Land Cruiser Heaven makes good looking panels but their welds are less than desirable in the pics they advertise.

I am looking to build a "45" type bed out of the main structure of a Tacoma truck bed. I want to take the sides off and install 45 looking sides on it for a project I am working on.

Thanks in advance for any input.
Not many options out there it would be good if they were reproduced. Kevin at Awl-Teq is not doing them any more. If you find other than discussed let us know.
Kevin is still making the hooks as of a couple months ago but, unfortunately, not the entire panels.
Aqualu makes a solid product. Maybe just me but I don't care for the look with the horizontal bead roll missing below the hooks though.

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