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  1. 4Runner
Nevada 89501 United States
For sale is my beloved 2000 4runner, I believe I am the third owner.

I bought in Portland, OR in 2018. Currently has 216XXX miles, it is still my daily so I expect this will increase.

The Good

Car runs great, starts up without hesitation. No shudder. Battery replaced August 2020.
Steering still feels firm.
One tire replaced, suspected air leak I couldn't find, tires rotated and balanced April 2021, Oil change April 2021.
Thought beginnings of 'pink milkshake' last year, had radiator replaced, pick and pull transmission was installed, replaced transfer case as well from pick and pull, reportedly both have <120k miles on them.
Head gaskets redone.
Recently had CEL, 'lean bank' code was found, cleaned MAF sensor, replaced some hoses, replaced and cleaned PCV, codes now gone and no more CEL - just passed smog
All windows and locks work, rear window works perfectly.
Replaced audio receiver with new(ish) Panasonic with BT, CD player, iphone hook up
Installed rear camera which feeds into Panasonic receiver
AWD and 4x4 engage smoothly, rear lockers option installed but never need to use.
Backseats no tears, seats fold down, interior is very clean.
No leaks, no exhaust issues.
Sunroof works perfectly, no leaks here either.
Forest Green with tan interior is the best color combo IMHO

The Bad
Light in the climate control module is out, everything works here but difficult to see at night
Timing belt was redone at 150k miles, I would have this redone in the next 20k miles or so
Front seats have some wear and developing a tear, overall not too bad
Has tow package, reported from my mechanic that the electrical/light hook ups are not working 'somewhere', if you were to tow I would have this sorted out
Front bumper has paint chipping, no damage however
Left sided running board has dent in the front, still firmly attached
Passenger side mirror is cracked on the front, maybe someone hit the mirror? Still functional, adjusts normally.

The Ugly?
Sun spotting on the front of the roof, it's not horrible but what do you expect for a 20 year old car that sees a lot of time in the desert?
I ripped off the antenna accidentally when going through a car wash - I forgot to 'retract' the antenna! Forgot that some cars still have telescoping antennas. Radio works fine still.

This was my dream car growing up and I feel fortunate I was able to buy this years ago. I am looking to upgrade to something larger for eventual family, dog, toys, etc.

I am looking for GX460 or similar, could consider trades with cash paid for difference.

Asking 7k, I have done about all the maintenance I would expect needing to be done outside of the timing belt to be done sometime this year.

More pictures on request.

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