Reno/Sparks Test Drive


Anal Retentive Analyst
Nov 4, 2011
Carson City, NV
The problem with cruisers is parts availability. Working on them is easy but they are in a unique spot. Lots of demand and very little aftermarket support that is worth owning. Reminds me of early broncos in the 90's. You almost need a parts rig for the price of the small things that break. The rust problem is also ridiculous. They are a labor of love but sometimes it's a big job to do the smallest thing.
Exactly... I think most new people coming into 60s aren't prepared for the "endeavor" that these trucks really are. They become more of a family member than anything because unless they are recently restored they require quite a bit of TLC. Hell there is a 62 that is on my normal route to and from work that I have seen sitting up on jack stands for close to two years now. Not sure exactly why as I have never seen the owner out there working on the truck, but it has been in various states of repair/disassembly in that time so I figure it is one of those things where the person is doing it at they get time/money.
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