Removing sway bars

Apr 2, 2007
hi tepui..

i removed sway bar for a little time..but stability on the road was bad..and in offroad..there is a same articulation..
Oct 3, 2006
I have removed the front sway bar before.

As said the on road handleing was worse.

When I had the stiffer springs fitted (OME 882 I think) the handleing was OK (kinda).

Articulation improved by about 40 mm I think (full stuff to full stretch) when compared to when the sway bar was on.

I've often thought about fitting duel shocks to the front so to get better control when the sway bar is off, but I can't do it without heaps of cash.

You could always remove one link rod when needing more artic as it is quite easy to do with a few tools

Haven't removed the rear bar, so can't comment on that end.

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