Reminiscing on Caney Fork

Oct 11, 2017
Denver NC
I’m curious this a.m. Is there’s any hope that the same advocacy that has allowed the opening of the “location that shall not be named” where the club is headed this weekend, could be applied to Caney Fork area. I don’t know how many of you folks actually got to drive up in there before the closures. it was awesome going in on the Caney Fork side, up to the balds, camp, then down out Moses Creek. I lived 2 miles from Caney Fork rd at one point. I miss That spot !!! Thoughts or share failed attempts? I know The locals tried for years to write letters. The irony being locals got it closed. Anyway, that was a loss of a great area. I’d be willing to have permit/ pay box any day of the week to get these gates back open. With the ever growing popularity of Overlanding states are missing a decent untapped revenue source I think. They can holler about trail maintenance but don’t most clubs handle a large percentage of that now as well? Dunno. I’d like to hear opinions


Inaffective Grammer Nazi
Sep 17, 2016
Between pit of man's fears and summit of knowledge
Public land. Replace the word “public” with “people’s” or “government”, then see which fits better.

The pay box is when you earn money, pay for goods and services, or own property. Having an actual box there would require paying someone to service it.

It needs to be reopened. We have one name but haven’t started working anything yet. Needs to also involve elected officials.
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