Reminder - May 6 - Sedona area

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Feb 21, 2006
Just posting this reminder. Sedona area (Broken Arrow and other) trails. Nothing in Sedona is more than a moderate rating, but very scenic!

There's about 8-10 from other 'Jeep' boards commited, but no LC's. hmmm...

Meet time in Phoenix, May 6:
7.30 am Chevron at Carefree Hwy & I-17. We will then drive up to Sedona

For those that want to meet us in Sedona, May 6:
Meet at the Sunterra Sedona Summit ( See website for directions. It's right off or Upper Red Rock Road. We should be there between 9.30-10.00 am

Is it all Jeeps going? What kinda rig do you have Phoenixrider?
86 Fj60

Maybe not all jeeps, but no Yota's, yet...
Well count me and my 97 LX in, I've been wanting to play in Sedona again.
Put me down as a definite maybe. I really want to do this run but have to clear a thing or two off my calendar first.
I uaualy wait about 15-20 minutes at the meeting spot (I'll be at the Phoenix meeting spot), so hopefuly, you'll be able to make it!
Looks like I'm clear. You'll some FJ Cruiser representation.

we'll have to get some pics of the FJ coming down the staircase :)
I know I'm not a jeep or Cruiser, but I'd like to tag along. I have an 83 mini, stock. What's the rating on these trails? Would I be able to make it through?
Juan made it through Smiley Rock with his truck, IIRC, the Sedona trails were even easier.
Juan, you shouldn't have any problems bro.
The 'hardest' we'll likely do is Oak Creek, and at that, there's only one section that can really be considered 'hard' as far as Sedona area trails go

Besides, there'll be plenty of tow straps!
I'm like the little brother, literally, always tagging along. Count me in! I'm always up for trail rides now that I know about them.
Hey everyone.

I'm glad to see a few Toys coming out this weekend. It'll be good to see Cody's fancy Lexus and Rage's new FJ.

I'll see y'all up in Sedona.

I won't be making up this weekend. Got something wrong with the truck and gotta figure it out and fix it before I stress it off-road again. Hope you guys have fun. Make sure to post some pics.

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