Rear Wiper Blades

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Jan 2, 2014
Hi guys,

Possible stupid question alert.

I finally changed my rear wiper blade for the first time since I bought it last year. I bought a Bosch 16 inch blade as a replacement and also noticed there was actually a 15 inch on their. Anyhow, the top few inches of the blade doesn't seem to touch down on the glass. The old blade was fine regarding contact on the window, though the rubber was shot. Is there some sort of adjustment I'm missing here ?

Should work. I think I have 16" blade. You might have to tweak the blade support so that it will make contact.
The metal frame wipers don't seem to make contact along the top part of the rear window. I installed a Rain X Lattitiude "beam" style wiper and it made much better contact.
It is a problem, finding a blade that will contact at the top.
I too prefer 16" blade, but that's kinda pointless when it doesn't contact at the top inch; just smears the muck out.
After trying three different "monobeam" blades (ala Rain-X Lat.), I found that the old type of blades, with linked segments actually works better, but not all (cheap) brands.
ozmanyyy...I had the same issue with my LX and discovered that non-LX arms gave me crappy coverage near the top of the back window. I also discovered quickly that the parts stores I use no longer sell just've got to get the entire arm. So, I buy the arms, remove the wiper part, and replace into the oem LX arm. Problem solved.

I'm on my second 16" replacement in about a week and neither fits properly. The first purchase had the wrong type of frame attachment piece so I tried to remove the blade and use with the OEM frame but that failed. The second one (now on the back window) is a much closer fit but again the attachment piece is not exactly like OEM so I'm not too confident it will last.

If anyone knows the exact model of a blade with frame that fits pefectly I would appreciate it.
Thanks for the replies, guys. I don't feel so silly about the question anymore, as it seems I wasn't the only one to encountered it.

Thanks again

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