Rear shock valving ?


Feb 12, 2009
OK, here's the scenario . . . I just got a set of OME Dakars for the rear and finally have everything for the install, except the shocks. Since the Dakars have 4 main leaves and 2 overload leaves I might try them as is or remove the 2 overloads + 1 main leaf - either way before I can drive it I'll need to weld on new shock mounts (did I mention I'm also doing a Marlin u-bolt flip right away?). Before I weld the shock mounts I need to figure out how much travel I can get and weld the mounts accordingly so the shock length isn't a limiting factor (shock mounts welded low if need be to compensate for shock length needed for the stroke I want).

My question is if anyone can suggest shock valving . . . I've heard I should run softer valved shocks for the Dakars or I'll get a rough ride (duh!) I'd like to run Bilstein 5150's, which come in 2 flavors: 170/60 and 255/70 - obviously the 170/60 is softer, but I'm not sure if that is too soft. I'm also wondering if these are re-valvable, though I suspect they are not (no visible way of re-pressurizing the shock). I am open to suggestions if anyone cares to chime in . . . and no, I don't want to just buy the OME shocks. That would be too easy

Since these have threaded ends on the shock, I'm going to see if the Heim rod ends for Bilstein "small body" shocks (racing app) will fit

I also have the Energy Suspension bumpstops to use with this set-up.

I want to get this done and ditch the LSPV before I mount up the aux tank (though it's already drilled and ready) so I need to get moving on this soon
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Jan 17, 2009
Verde Valley, AZ
go with the slowest valved shocks you can find. el cheapo gabriels are my shock of choice.

most of the rest of the performance shocks are made for potholes at 55 mph, and will always be stiff, making those leafs eat everything. made a difference on my 60......


Jan 15, 2006
York, PA
I have the 5150 255/70 on my 85 4runner. Front and rear spring packs are stock rears + 1 stock rear leaf. I love this setup. My truck handles great on road, bombing fire roads or crawling.
With that said I would never buy another bilstein shock. I have had issues with the seals leaking when it’s cold (single digits). A buddy of mine is having similar issues with his 5125 bilsteins and I have heard of others with this problem.
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