Rear seat folding latches/controls question

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Aug 20, 2012
McKinney, TX
I just picked my rear seat up from being reupholstered. When I first went to install the seatback I realized they had flipped the latches and had them on the opposite sides. Flipped them back, but now the control on the driver's side isn't disengaging the passenger any longer. Does anyone have a pic or schematic of the controls. I'm assuming there's just a bar that runs across the top of the seatback that links the d.s. lever to the p.s. Would love to see it before I even think of taking anything apart....would prefer to go back to the shop to have them fix it....but I'm certain they'll need a pic too.

Hahaha, I just installed a back seat a month ago and wondered what that was for. The truck didn't have a seat in it when I bought it.
No pic, just a poor explanation.

If I recall correctly, there is a square tube that runs between the latch handles on each side.

The latch handles have a square rod sticking out the goes into the tube.
Lifting a latch on one side causes the tube to turn and turn up the latch on the other side.
I’m going to take a pic when I get home….but I feel like a small metal tab is missing from the drivers side that releases both sides.
Anyone have a pic of the drivers side latch? I won’t be home for a few hours and could swear there should be a small black metal tab that engages both sides on the drivers side latch
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Can someone add a shot of the correct setup. I’m 90% sure there supposed to be a small black metal tab on the driver’s side….and the passenger side is definitely wrong.


Latch on driver side.

@db3 thanks for the pic. Does anyone have a pic of their seatback apart? I'm certain that I'll have to pull my seatback off as the levers don't seem to be connected. Would love to have a pick so I could go back to the upholsterer to have them take the panel off, connect, and then put the back panel back on. I don't want to take a chance in messing up their work.


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