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Feb 21, 2006
Winston Oregon
time to change rear pinion bearings in my 88 fj62 never done it on anything this new. it is 410 gear ratio with a factory locker any input before i start last one i did was on a 73 40 thanks in advance:)
Same work as the 73.

Exactly the same diff.

Factory locker??
Cable actuated?
factory locker just pull on the cable its also the same in the front but the cable is missing.:)
I'll give you a Stock 72 Rear third for it.

you know, just to make sure you are not out of your element...

Actually, the bearings are fine in the 72, soo... you would not even have to go through the headache of replacing stuff.

Excellent deal for you ;)
ha mace like to give you a call tomorrow if that would be ok drop me a private message i would like to make arrangments on that. sad part is i have a crap load of them hours from here just cant get to them not including all of transmissions transfer cases:frown:
You have bunches of these a couple of hours away :confused:
Give me a ring
newb question..

How do you know when it is time to change the rear pinion gear and also what else will you be doing when you are in there?

as far as knowing what it is wrong with my rear end .i can hear the pinion bearings as for the rest of my 3rd member well ive never had to mess with the axles or anything of that nature before so im not the person to ask.:cheers: changed (helped) once before on the pinion bearings.
Reason I ask is tha I feel like there is some "slop" in the rear end and wonder if this may be the cure... trying to figure out where it is coming from but having a hard time. Almost feels like the tranny. Looked for a broken mount but nothing turned up there.
Dtrain -
Have you checked your U-joints (or double Cardans)?

Slop without whine is not a problem IMHO.
You shoudl have a bit of rotational slop in the ds

What you do not want is any vertical or horisontal movement in the pinion flange :)

Nice chatting with you Cruiser88..
Tinker - I checked them out and had a shop check them out. They appear to be okay.

I will check the pinion movement.

Thank for the info... didnt mean to hijack...
thanks mace for all of your help changed the fluid today or the water and the darn thing is alot quieter not completly gone but better:beer:

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