Rear bumper and misc. metal fabrication run

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Feb 3, 2008
South Shore, MA
So as some of you may had read in a previous thread, our club seems to have an overwhelming need for rear bumpers.

There are a lot of great bumpers on the market for any rig but they are all fairly expensive. Throw in delivery charge and if you don't have a commercial address to have it shipped to another $75-100 bucks and it puts it outside of a lot of our budgets.

Bob M. had stepped up and offered a tour of his workspace to show us what sort of machinery his work had and it's capabilities.
He also offered a discount on materials if there was enough demand for a large order.
As well as designing a bumper in which our members would be able to add input to the design.

He has offered a tour of his facility which is about 5 miles outside of Portsmouth, NH on July 21st at 10am.

All interested parties in this buy should sign up in this thread and try to make it out to the tour and maybe express a little of what your looking for in your bumper.

Bob had also offered other services like sliders and other member requests as well so this thread is not just for rear bumpers.

If you have any questions for Bob feel free to ask them in this thread or via PM.
Yea I am in with Jon and will probably be bringing the little one also if OK.

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